Before your first appointment you will need to fill out some paperwork, so we will arrange for you to come in 15 minutes early.

Your First Appointment

Your first appointment with Horsham Chiropractic Centre will consist of two stages : a consultation and an examination.

Your Chiropractor will meet with you to get a clear idea of your overall health, and from where any problems may have originated. We will then conduct a series of tests, which may involve using some high-tech equipment. You will need to get undressed for this examination and will be offered a gown to wear.

This visit will allow your Chiropractor to determine whether you are a candidate for chiropractic care.

What Next?

The results of these tests will be discussed with you on your second visit, when your Chiropractor will recommend a programme of care, based on your needs. We will go through the results of the tests carried out on the first visit, explain what the problem is, what can be done to correct your problem and how long that may take.

It is on this visit that you can expect to receive your first Chiropractic adjustment.

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