Stephen Bradford


For as long as I can remember I suffered from headaches. Conventional medicine sometimes eased the pain, but it never found the cause of the problem; having the benefit of hindsight, I now know that a forceps delivery, with a concussion at an early age, lead to my headaches. But it wasn’t until my neck was adjusted that the problems resolved.

I always had a desire to become a doctor in order to help people with their health. It took a fall from a roof to introduce me to my first Chiropractor. Having had amazing results myself I was inspired to study Chiropractic.

Siobhan Fowle


After training and working in Australia I came back to England to set up Horsham Chiropractic Centre with my husband, Stephen Bradford, in 1989. I love it here – the proximity to London, the sea and stunning countryside makes for a very happy balance.

I think that Chiropractic is great for helping us to lead active, independent and healthy lives at all the different stages we go through. Chiropractic helps our bodies to adapt to the stresses and strain that we meet. I believe that the human body is well able to adapt to changes; it just sometimes needs a little help in order to carry out all the jobs for which it is designed.

To me Chiropractic care is vital to allow us to achieve the best that we can.

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