There are No Quick Fixes

If you are visiting a Chiropractor because you have a symptom (like pain), it is important to understand that this hasn’t appeared out of thin air.  Problems build up, often unnoticed, over time and then suddenly the symptoms announce themselves in a big way.

For a Chiropractor to help you it may take a number of visits; if your problem took time to build up then, more often than not, it will take time to resolve, too.

Regular Appointments

Your first two visits with your Chiropractor will take a little longer. However, once you have discussed your problem, had your examination, and had your Chiropractor report back to you, your visits will rarely take longer than 15 minutes.

At a later stage your Chiropractor will want to re-evaluate; or if something changes:  if you injure yourself, for example, or even if it has been a long time since your last visit. In these instances you will need to allow for a longer appointment to give your Chiropractor time to reassess your condition.


Everyone’s needs are different and your Chiropractor will provide you with a course of treatment that best suits your needs and your life.

Your initial care package will aim to remove pain and restore normal activity before attempting to correct the underlying problem.

Once you have completed your intensive programme of care, just as it is necessary to exercise regularly, or visit a dentist to maintain your health, so your Chiropractor will generally recommend that you receive regular Chiropractic adjustments to maintain a healthy spine.

Keeping You Healthy

The objective of Chiropractic care is, not just to fix problems, but to maintain good communication throughout the body, preventing injuries and keeping you healthy.

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